Fall foliage, Oct/Nov 2020

One of the activities we can enjoy during this time of limited travel, thankfully, is going for a walk. I’ve always enjoyed taking long walks – stretches my legs, gets the blood pumping, clears my head. Lets me feel the breeze and sunlight on my face, and opens my eyes to the everyday beauty that’s right there in our neighborhood, if we look for it. One beauty that’s around us right now is changing leaves. North Texas doesn’t usually have spectacular fall foliage, but it can be quite pretty in some years, especially when we have a drastic cool-down after a hot summer.

The crape-myrtle trees, which bloom beautifully throughout our long, hot summers, turn a riotous jungle of color in the fall. Some of the leaves literally look like they’re glowing.

I’ve learned this tree is called the Chinese Pistache. It has interesting clusters of bright red drupes (nuts) and turns brilliant colors in the fall.

Our strangest fruit, the Osage orange! Big as a softball, color of a tennis ball, looks like a brain, but hard. Around here they’re commonly called “horse apples,” but animals don’t eat them. They fall to the ground around October and just lie there until they rot about a month later.

And like a cherry on top I’ll leave you with this flaming red maple:

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